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Copyright Law and Reports:

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Referral commissions

You earn #1,000 Naira commission for referring your friends and family  to the system. Please do note that we have the right to disqualify commissions earned through fraudulent and illegal methods.

Payment schedule

Withdrawal form is made available every Monday of every week and Closes  Tuesday afternoon 12:00 PM . Payment is rolled out every Friday morning to Saturday of every week. Please note that you are authorized for payment when you have a minimum amount of N5000 in your p-earnings and minimum of 2 referrals.  [Alternatively you can make withdrawal and eligable when you have N25,000 in your p-earnings without referrals].

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We stop blacklisting members, Thus, our system recognize spam earning, Spam earning will be deducted when detected during payout. Postrendy MAX. Weekly earning our system calculate
is #3,800 when all activities is all done by a member. So we know those who earn via comment spam. if your p-earnings exceed 3,800 weekly. THEN CONSIDER THE REST OF THE EARNING AS SPAM EARNING.
Be Guided
==Official Break down of earnings on postrendy===
– Login = 55
– Sponsored post = 100
– Postrendy eMAGAZINE = 100 Naira [Twice a week]
– News and comment = 400/day [if news is 100 and comment is done on all]
TOTAL = 750 i.e. If you do all activities and News reaches 100.

As a member of Postrendy.com you are qualified for withdrawal if you have a total amount of 5,000 naira P-Earnings and at least 2 referral or More. 

NOTE: Postrendy is a Genuine Affiliate Platform, We pay our Top referrals first then our Loyal Members

Alternatively, We do pay without referral but T&C Apply: you must reach a threshold of 30,000 Naira P-Earnings then we pay you 40% of your total earnings.
You must share atleast 4 sponsored post and 1 eMagazine in a week in other to qualify for withdrawal.

Withdrawal Forms are opened Modnay 6a.m and closes Tuesday 11:59 A.M].

Thus, Withdrawal request is to be submitted once because multiple entry by a user will disqualify you for payout


We pay our users weekly (Friday and Saturday). Thus, we payout what we earn from our advertising revenue and other sponsored paid content.


We deduct processing charges during payment [300 Naira for processing charges for GTBank and 400naira for other banks] . Note that we generate fund from ads and sponsored content, so we the revenue generated is added to your affiliate earnings..


We don’t own or operate any whatsapp group at this moment in time. We own a Telegram channel which we use for broadcasts.

Mail us at : fideobaoye@gmail.com