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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Postrendy Earning Bundle

  • Q:  What is Postrendy Income bundle?
  • A:  Postrendy.com.ng is an Infotainment website and an Affiliate System Website Built to Educate Nigeria, Put smile on Peoples face by paying them to read news and perform tasks. 

  • Q:  Who Own Postrendy Income?
  • A:  Postrendy income platform is owned by Programmer Muhammed, A Muslim by Faith and a Nigerian by Nationality 

  • Q:  How can i earn on Postrendy Income?
  • A: In other to earn on postrendy you must join the postrendy Earning bundle  and sign up. You will earn for reading current news, Watching videos and share sponsored posts.

  • Q:  How much do i earn per/Referrer.?
  • A: We automatically credit you for every successful referrals u make and we paid you in FULL Every Friday or Saturday

  • Q:  What is the Minimum Threshold?
  • A: In other to withdraw your totals earning you must have a total earning of #5,000 which includes atleast 2ref.

  • Q:  Will i be paid without referrals earning?
  • A: We pay without reffertal but with T&C [You must have a total amount of 15,000 and we will pay you 40% of 15,000]

  • Q:  How will i get my money when i reach threshold?
  • A: We pay you directly into your Nigeria Bank Account
  • Q:  Is refferal earning bonus Automatic?
  • A: Yes,  you get 1,000 immediately your prospect register successfully