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#Postrendy Income Comment Rule & Penalties

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Postrendy Income Comment Policies!


 Below are the rules guiding comment on postrendy Platform, we give room for everyone to earn but not to abuse the system by turning it into a play ground. Anyone found sending comments like . lol, k, hhu, ls , q, fgsdskj, haha, will face account termination action without mercy.. Please Stick to the rule and earn.

1. Your comments MUST BE constructive with vivid and clear suggestion relating to the post.

2. Your comments MUST NOT be less than 10 words.

3. Multiple Comments are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. You MUST NEVER in multiples per post. 

5. Comments replies like hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, huh, k, dot, hehnhen, fresh, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed. When such comment is found our system will automatically delete the account that very second. Kindly adhere to this rule.

6. Constructive REPLY to comments is allowed once per comment, per post and subject to all rules as stated above.

7.  An attempt to advertise, solicit, or otherwise promote goods and services via the comment section will put your account in danger. 

8. If you don’t stick to postrendy comment policy, expect your account terminated by our system.

Please and Please be guided.

Thank You, Happy Earning.



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